Regional grappling champ of France!

Yesterday I did my second grappling tournament since I started working the ground game almost a year ago! When I started this blog actually!  

I wasn't posting anything about the competition leading up to it because we weren't sure they'd let me compete since I'm Swedish. It would've been kind of a bummer hyping something that doesn't happen in the end obviously... 

BUT!! We did not have to struggle, they barely checked my details, so it was cool.  

I fought in the weight category -58, so I didn't have to lose any weight, TRANQUIL as they say here. No stress. Weighed in at 57,8 eight with clothes on and having eaten breakfast so it was cool.  


They weigh you right before you step on the mat so not many people do crazy diets and stuff because it's drains you of energy, and you can't get it back before fighting. Better to stay close to you're actual weight. 

Fights went really well I dominated completely, listened well to Cyrille that was in the corner and I didn't make many mistakes. I switched positions a lot while being in a dominant position so that way I scored a lot of points.  

Girls need to cut their nails...

Girls need to cut their nails...


After the finals anti doping committee selected me to get tested (as usual, I cannot escape them here or in Sweden haha). 

The problem is I'm always pretty dehydrated after my fights so I can't pee as much as they need for the sample, so I always come up short and get stuck there with a bottle of water trying to make myself go again. Of course them being inside the toilet with staring while you're trying to squeeze some drops out doesn't make it any easier.... 


This time wasn't any different. I had to do the test in two parts. But the staff where (and usually are) super cool about it. I did however had to tell the lady that followed me in to the toilet to stop talking, cause she was trying to have a conversation about her studying Italian, while I was desperately trying to piss in a cup! 

"I kind of need to focus now so uh..." Not a very discrete hint, so she got the message and turned on the the water while I tried not to make any eye contact....

After we finally got out of there we celebrated with my favorite Vietnamese food In China town and the we went to the movies.  

Dressed in Björn Borg and under armour

Dressed in Björn Borg and under armour


As always after a competition I like to some time and give credit to the people that have been with me throughout the journey up until the fight/s.

Everyday I'm thankful for having not only one, but two teams who stand behind me: Snake team and Allstars. Cyrille and Andreas are truly talented and motivating coaches that I trust a 100%. Like really a 100%. That's an advantage I do not take for granted. Thank you for your time and dedication. 

My training partners from both teams. Remember that when I started a year ago I was a total noob at the ground game (well at MMA in general). I've been surrounded with so many helpful and PATIENT professionals that have taken their time to explain, coach, and sparr with me. This is priceless. Thank you. 

I have also had a great sponsor that I've done so many fun projects with along the way, and many to come! Björn Borg team: Thank you, you guys are awesome. Not only for having me looking flawless at training every day with my cute outfits (!!!) but also for believing in me and working with me as a part of your brand. 

I have also been collaborating with Presskontakterna and Underarmour that have also provided me with excellent training gear.   Thank you!!!  

Last but not least family, and friends cheering me on and supporting me to do all this crazy stuff. I love you!