No rest for the wicked

I got back to training yesterday. A grappling tournament isn't as hard on the body as a standup fight or MMA. It's more dynamic,  and there's less adrenaline (no one is trying to knock you out) .

It was a pretty tough day of training tho and I definitely felt it in my body. 

  • first session 12-14h we did reversal techniques. That's when you're on the ground with someone on top of you and you want to get a better position (being on top). After that some sparring
  • second session 14-16h it was the pro session. We did ground and pound technique and finished of with sparring. 

My body was aching like after you've had a tough training camp, so we ate and I went straight to bed for a well deserved nap. Wasn't in the best of moods when I was woken up at 19:30 to head back to training...

... But it is what it is. Your future opponents are out there training just as hard. And I like to win too much not to get my ass to the gym.  

  • 20-22h. We did kickboxing combinations, punches and kicks. Finished of with light sparring

Came home took a shower, had a salad (it's not a very good hour to eat, but you have to have something after training. Salad is perfect, not to heavy on the digestive system), and cuddled up with my man watching walking dead. 

I hate Negan...can't wait to the day they kill him. He literally upsets me.