Hi guys!

I see you've made your way over here so first of all: Welcome! :)
I'm not gonna write this big presentation in this post, instead you can find it under the "About"-tab!

As of now you'll basically get to dive into my life as it is in this very moment - hectical!

Todays schedule:

  • 8:00 big meeting at work regarding an APP project I'm managing
  • 10:00 MMA sparring at allstars
  • 12:00 back to work(a quick lunch break, have not prepared anything like I usually do tho...)  
  • work work work
  • 15:30 ish leave work go home and get a snack before second training session 
  • 17:00 thai drills at allstars and 30 min of get up techniques 
  • I'll get home eightish I guess, having to do some paperwork, eat and get my "grenade sleep" - that's when I lay in a corpses position with legs and arms everywhere and NOTHING wakes me up...

OH! Keep track on Björn Borg btw cause they're gonna be releasing the latest project we've been working on!  

Here are some behind the scenes pics:

Hair and make up by lovely Frida! 

Hair and make up by lovely Frida!