Being your own project

Before quitting my job I was a project manager. The field of communication has always interested me - in all forms. working as a project manager, communication is key. 

Now, I have not left that to the side. I still work as a project manager but I focus on one project only - Me. 

"Me" as in the fighter Camila that needs to develop her skills as a fighter as well work on her brand. I manage Camila, making sure that she has the tools to become a successful project.

Being the project manager of "Camila"  means I have to go about this as I would with any other project. Meaning:

  • Have a plan and a purpose
  • Have an execution plan
  • Have a goal
  • Have the right team

If you're thinking about starting up a business or as in my case - being  your business, you need to be structured and think in processes. 

Having social media as a a major communication platform in our lives, we get a lot for free. We can brand ourselves in whatever way we like. Even big brands use these platform to make us create their content for free. Hashtag hashtag. So the communication is one very important process to bare in mind.

Another thing that's important is being objective. Managing Camila means I have to stay objective. If Marlboro would come offer Camila an insane amount of money to be her sponsor, having Camila smoke a pack of cigarettes in a commercial, Camila might go crazy and be like "yaaaaas mo money no problems!!!", whereas id be thinking that it ruins Camilas brand because she wouldn't be credible as an athlete. This might cost her an exclusive Nike deal in the future with a lot more money involved.

Obviously an exaggerated example. But I've seen many Athletes pose for free with products, thus making themselves cheap, not knowing their worth. It's a shame cause athletes make brands legit. 

Of course you can always do a little give and take sometimes but always think it through.  

The reason i write this post id because I've had people asking me how I go about these things, how I'm starting of, my thoughts on sponsors etc, and these are some of them.

I also think that if I would go back to scool, I'd definitely do a project management course. I got my experience from working, but I think that you could benefit a lot from doing a course like this. As well as for you who haven't studied marketing - also useful. 

Hope you find this somewhat useful :-)