Days like these, when I have to run all over town I do NOT care if i'm meeting with the king, I turn into sporty spice, wear tights and sneakers and get my shiet DONE. 


I had training this morning, did some mits rounds with Jeppe, some rounds on the punching bag and rounded up trying out a new bike at the gym. I did a program with tabatha intervalls. Sorry no pictures guys, i'm trying to get used to documenting my day, not as easy as one might think...

After training I went to work. Brought som chicken patties(kycklingfärsbiffar in swedish) that I made last night. I try eating as much home made food as possible to make sure I fuel my body with the right stuff. We´ll talk more food in another post :), ill give you my recipe as well!

Anyways, had some meetings at work etc and then I had to rush off to see my kiropraktor who magically made some knots dissapear. I rehhhheeaaaally have to start working on my posture and back, since i've been having some problems with that. My posture is disgusting. Like Really. If you ever catch me walking around like I just left my cave, please tell me...

I had a great ending of this day - a very inspiring meeting with Ahmed aka "Zoom".
This man has a lot of social projects going on, and he is doing some unvaluable work for young athletes. Well, actually for young people in general. Most of his projects focus on people coming from socio-economic deprived areas in Stockholm. The one that take up most of his time is UP & Coming which makes it possible for corporate business to hire street smart competent leaders and other talents that do not have an academic backround, but have required their competence by experience and emotional based knowledge.  

I got to know Zoom through a close friend of mine who grew up with him and I've been following his projects with interest since, and today I was needing his help regarding a project i'm involved in that concern young girls from the suburbs in Stockholm. We also talked about being "your own project" and how not to get eaten as a young athlete. I'm gonna write a post about this as well. 


Dont let out sneakers and sweat pants fool you, were business af...

Dont let out sneakers and sweat pants fool you, were business af...

Ok, i'm off, take care and enjoy your night!