My thoughts on food and diet pt 1

This is a hyper sensitive post since this is an extremely debated subject due to its effect of peoples day-to-day life.

I want to be careful with what I say since I know that a lot of young girls are checking in, and the subject "diet" is becoming a popular topic to talk about at their age. Unfortunately that doesnt stop being a subject women(and men) have present at all times.

We live in a society were looks define us. And that's a fact we cannot escape from. Not only being pretty but also appearing fit and healthy is premiered. You know this as well as I do. 

So with this said, I want to tell you that the diets that I do and that I'll be talking about before fights are strictly for the purpose of my JOB - i'ts part of the fighting game wheather I like it or not.  These diets are made to lose a certain amount of weight on a certain amount of time, the healthiest way possible. These are not diets that you should be doing if you just want a healthy lifestyle - it is not the same.

But don't worry, I WILL give you my healthy tips too, but again i do NOT consider them being diets. 

Living a healthy life style for me is being aware of what is good for your body, what makes you feel healthy and happy. And this "awareness" that i'm talking about is for example:

  • not feeling bloated
  • not having constant stomache aches
  • not being able to run to the bus whithout breathing like a 90-year old
  • retaining liquid and weight gain in a way that you cant button pants in normal size(i'm talking normal size for YOUR body)
  • constant gain and loss of weight making you feel bad about yourself
  • mood swings
  • lack of energy or uneven energy
  • and the list goes on........

Trust me all of this is related to food and life style and i'm sitting on a bunch of information that can help, without having you going all gestapo on yourselves. So dont go crazy with any stupid short term diets and shit that will just make you dissapointed with yourselves, listen to moma, i'll give you a hand AIGHT?! 

Weigh-Ins world championship 2015, Serbia. I  weighed in at 55,6 I think. 

Weigh-Ins world championship 2015, Serbia. I  weighed in at 55,6 I think.