Pee in a cup

06:00 this morning I hear the doorbell ring and I start playing out a bunch of scenarios of who it could be (I watched a documentary about the super creep Joseph fritzl the other day that kind of traumatized me). Anyways I get up look through the peephole and I see this tiny little woman: Birgitta! 

Birgitta works for the Swedish sports confederation and she does doping controls. Being an athlete at elite level has made them randomly select me for doping controls. I have to report where I sleep every night including a time slot where it's ok for them to come test me. 

Ive chosen 06:00-07:00 cause that's the only time I'm certain I'm not home. 

the process is:

1. a person of the same gender as you is sent to your house.

2. They fill out a protocol

3. They go with you as you go pee in a cup  

4. You make sure the protocol is filled out properly  

5. Done!  

Chillin with B n ma pee! 

Chillin with B n ma pee!