Coconutty salmon

This is an easy dinnr to make, storage and take to work as a lunch box cause it tastes just as good the day after. 

 One of the keys to eating healthy is making it yourself. You'll know the exact amounts of salt and sugar that you put into the food, which is something that you can't keep track of when you eat in a restaurant or any pre fabricated food. Plus when we out we tend to eat too much food as well as stuffing ourselves with bread. 

Bread is definetaly not a part of my regular food intake. Sorry to make you disappointed bread lovers out there. But not very nutritious and it makes you bloated pretty quick.

What will NOT make you bloated is this little Thai inspired dish! 

It's a piece of cake to make - really!  

Get following ingredients: 

  • ginger 
  • red onion
  • spinach
  • cashew nuts
  • coconut milk (I always have this at home cause it's a perfect non diary base) 
  • rice (to make this dish even healthier - switch this to quinoa or bulgur, I usually do) 
  • fresh chili (they have pretty good spices her in France so I got a chili powder that was perfect) 
  • red curry paste
  • salmon
  • sugar snaps  
  • juice of 1 lime
  • garlic


If I would've found cilantro I would definitely have added that!  

If I would've found cilantro I would definitely have added that!  

Step 1 is to chop up garlic and 1 onion and fry it in a semi big pot together with the chili and 2 table spoons of curry paste  

Step 2 Once the onion is a bit soft you pour in the coconut milk into the pot. I used 500 ml. 

Let it boil and then grab two handfuls of spinach and approx 600g of chopped up salmon as well as the sugar snaps and grated  ginger and put the ingredients into the pot. 

Step 3  Cook your carbs, rice or quinoa or whatever you've chosen. Lower the temperature of your salmon stew. If the salmon is cooked already I switch the temperature of completely and keep the pot with the lid on.

 Step 4 Serve and eat! 

Et voila! 

Et voila!