O M G...

.. .my previous job just shut down my old email account,  wich I had some pretty important documents saved on (I use google drive for a lot of work stuff) and of course I'd plan to move everything to my private address BUT we've been talking about me doing some consulting for them still so I hadn't got around to it.

so.. I've been pulling my hair for half an hour.  

Good thing we had a nice lunch - I cannot handle computer business on an empty stomach...  


Portuguese (squid and potatoes)  

Portuguese (squid and potatoes)  

Soon I'm going out for approx. an hour run and some core training


Yesterdays training was great, 2 hs at midday and another 2 in the evening. We were working takedown techniques and sparring.

im gonna get better at having people taking pictures and videos while training. I forget all the time... 


Take care guys