On the road again!


 Me and my very well used passport are back on the road again!

I'm leaving Paris quite sudden cause I got booked for a modeling job in Stockholm, it's I commercial that's gonna be aired in Sweden. From what I know about it it sounds like it's right up in my alley!

I'll let you guys in behind the scenes here on the blog as soon as we start shooting in the next few days!


Besides from that job I'll be finishing my camp before my fight on the 16/6. I'll be working my little butt off at Allstars as usual!

These last 3 weeks I've been dealing with a sprained ankle (at one point I wanted to chop my foot off...) but it's finally healing thanks to a thing called Elastoplast that I've been strapping my foot with this past week. That combined with icing it after training and keeping it elevated did WONDERS. So you CAN train with a sprained ankle, just make sure you do everything mentioned above!


Gotta go, getting on a stuffed plane. Paris is popular this time a year!