Hormones and chocolate



Hormones and chocolate, it's so annoying that they go so well together!  My body is acting up just cause I'm a stupid female... So naturally I'm doing a bit of water retention which means I have to make my diet even more rigid..

No more carbs!!!

The effect that all this has on me is that I want to stuff my face with something looking like that picture... Brownies, cookie dough, hot fudge, Oreos and ice cream all mixed up... Orgasmic I swear.

 So I google recipes to soothe the craving. Sounds wierd right?! But it works for me and I don't feel the need to give in.

And also the fast that the prize is gonna be grand is very motivating: I get to fight! 

If I don't make weight I'm not allowed to fight, so these four weeks of total utter vegetable consumption is gonna be worth it!  

Always look at the big picture! 


Right now im making a quick coffee stop at Valands café in Stockholm, before hitting a meeting. 

I love how they've conserved the 50's style!