For quite some time now I have been watching documentaries and reading articles as well as talking to informed people about food and what is going on in the industry. As you already know Its not a pretty picture.

There are two ways to look at it: either from the animals perspective, or from our own selfish (even vain) perspective.

If we look at it from the perspective of a furry, feathery or scaled creature, we KNOW they suffer. They aren’t treated as living creatures. But do we give a fuck? Not really right? We watch those horrible videos exposing reality passed around on Facebook, might even share it, and then we go back to munching our burger thinking that cow-heaven is a much better place. 

Having ranted a bit, I’ll try to be as honest as possible in this post: 

  • Do I care about the animals? - I care about the animals, but not enough. It makes me feel shitty cause I claim to be an animal lover

  • Have I stopped using leather yet? - no...

  • What DO I actually do for the animals? I  buy organic eggs from hens that are walking around freely, but honestly I don’t trust that they actually do. 

  • Have I spent energy on looking into that tho? - no.

  • Do I spend energy on checking into where and how the meat is produced when you go into a restaurant? - never

  • Do I buy organic meat at the supermarket? - sometimes yes, sometime no

  • Does it make me feel bad? - sometimes, but not enough

To sum it up, the animal products sold in super markets equals animals suffering. Yeees, it might be true that some farms give the animals a pretty decent life until its departure time. But those are the fewer. The standard way of keeping them is very inhumane: they’re abused physically and mentally as well as being PUMPED with antibiotics and other shit. And yes my beloved swedes, this includes fish. Salmon that isn’t wild contains  mercury which  negatively affects the brain and kidneys. Even tuna (all you body builders and fitness freaks will probably stop reading now i guess heheheh).

Now, then theres the other perspective: the selfish one. 

The food industry DAMAGES our health. 
If you dont care much about that, think of it in an aesthetic way - they’re ruining your looks. 

Processed food, meat and diary products in the amounts that we eat is not meant for the human body. Now you’re probably thinking ”omg she’s preaching like a vegan”. And yes its KIND of true. Let me explain: 

For quite some time i’ve been reading articles, watching documentaries and talking to knowledgable people about these matters. Not necessarily about how badly the animals are treated, I know that already, instead I’ve been asking what it does to the body. 

Being a selfish athlete like me, you want to optimise you’re performance, and this has a lot to do with what we eat. Unfortunately. 

You might wonder why because since I train like an animal I can eat a bunch of crap and not become obese?  Well I intend on living my life without being killed by cancer or getting diabetes, the kind of diseases that don’t give a sh*it if you’re skinny or fat. It’s what is going down on the inside. And those are just the long term effects. The short term I’ve already experienced throughout my life: fatigue, bad skin, feeling heavy, gas, getting bloated, water retention. You recognise any of this? 



But before you start feeling hopeless about the situation, crying out hysterically ”but whats left to eat then?!!!”  (thats kind of what I did), let me tell you what I've been doing for the last month:

I've been a 70% vegan. This has changed a lot for me. Physically. My weight is steady, 58kg. Before I was kind of bloated especially in muscular areas and I could easily weigh up to 61kg. As I've explained before: being a fighter requires you to keep a balanced diet, because gaining and loosing a lot of weight all the time is NOT healthy. 

And really, these 3 kilos that disapeared... It was without an effort because I didn't restrict myself with amounts of food. It's just that vegetable based food is a lot easier to process.  So basically I got slimmer without losing strength (something I worried about in the beginning).  But chickpeas and beans as well as other veggies rich in protein will suffice.


How did I go about it?

  • Basically I’ve been leaving out dairy for a long time, years actually, so that isn’t gonna be very hard. For example I change regular milk to nut milk and I cook dishes using coconut milk.

  • Since 30% of the time I can eat meat, I’m not crying my eyes out. The second week I had a completely plant based diet except for 1 day were  I had sushi cause I was on the run. Not only did I feel good, I also lost 2 kilos. And wasnt craving sugar (a regularity in my life hehe). 

  • The sugar aspect is super important as well (even if it has nothing to do with being vegan or not). It’s one of the biggest threats we have towards our health today, and people don’t seem to care. Instead we have activists fighting for the right to be fat?! This world is completely upside down. CHILDREN ARE DYING BECAUSE OF THIS (and yes they also die of anorexia due to effed up beauty standards, I GET THAT PART, but how does one thing excuse the other, it doesn’t make sense). The sugar industry is clapping it’s filthy hands and cheering you on making sure you keep ”treating yourselves”.Just so you know…

    The documentary that made me realise things and make me want to cut out sugar is this one: . It explains everything so simply.
    Anyways, I try keeping away from it as much as possible cooking homemade food from scratch. NO processed food. 

Remember, all of this is MOST of the time. I realise that its hard imposing your diets on other people, like if you have dinner at someones house or if you’re going to a restaurant. 

Your life isn’t supposed to get complicated, its supposed to get better. 

Sit tight for recipes, and tips on what I do to dominate the sugar instead of the other way around. 


Take care!