Break ya neck!!!

I wish the title of my post was just the Busta Rhymes song, but it's actually referring  to the status of my neck right now. Fucking broken (with a pinch of drama of course).

I normally try not swearing here, parental advisory you know, but it's fucking frustrating... (oops)  

Remember I told you I hurt my self on the grappling session last Saturday. Well I was feeling a lot better, kept on training like a mofo (obviously avoiding clinching and stuff like that) until yesterday....

The downside of every sport is that you can get hurt right? Well I haven't cried out of pain since I broke my arm in 2012. 

I had done Thai boxing in the morning, MMA pro drilling at noon and then grappling in the evening, and I was feeling like a damn unicorn (I assume they feel great all the time) ...until the last 5 min round of grappling. 

I was gonna sit that one out since I'd done well at that session and I wanted to keep my neck as fresh as possible, but this girl was left without a partner so I was like "what the hell, one more".

At one point she tries to go for an arm bar but kind of kicks my head back, and at that very moment the pain rushed through my neck and it felt like a football team took turns stabbing it with a knife. They would've done it really quick obviously cause it was over within seconds, but you get the Idea. 

As the session was over my neck started to stiffen and it got way worse when we got home.

Cyrille literally had to shower me cause I was getting less and less mobile because of the pain. He massaged me with some cold cream to make the inflammation go down, and then I had like a cold compress on. And then a warm patch to make the muscle contract less.

When i finally lay down it was over. I couldn't get up. The very least movement of my head caused shooting pain (that violent football team again).

And yes, I cried. Like a BABY. Big fat juicy tears! Not only because of the pain, I was scared too cause neck injuries are terrible. But no worries mama, it's a pinched nerve. It's normal when you wrestle/grapple.  

Today I'm feeling a lot better. I'm moving like robocop but I'm able to get out of bed without C helping me up.  


I have 2 new best friends: counter pain and heating patches. We get along great and we've decided that I'll be able to train carefully tomorrow. 

Not today tho. Today we're eating peanut butter sandwiches. 



 Here are some pics from the last couple of days. Ive beenhaving so much fun training, you don't even know!!


Outside of Phuket top team


Banana Oreo ice cream made on the spot! 


Why so serious?  


After pro drilling session


Hitting pads at at Thai boxing session  

Have a nice day guys!