Fighting and fashion!

Hey guys,

Hope you've had a great weekend. I sure did! We had 2 guys from the Snake team fighting at Superior challenge in Stockholm.

Roggy lost on points but he really hurt the guy, leaving his foot prints all over him...unfortunately the guy did a few two many takedowns scoring points and that's what got him the win.

Kevin did the fight of his life probably, taking the belt home and leaving the arena out of breath.

David from Allstars did a great performance winning on points, on the same card. He's tough as nails.

And Frantz from Allstars did a really nice performance in Cage warriors same night. Winning by a RNC.  

 Impressive fights by all of you congratulations! 

Cyrille and Kevin

Cyrille and Kevin

Arnaud and Roggy

Arnaud and Roggy

 Now...from fighting to fashion! 

About 10 days ago I was called to a meeting a modeling agency in Paris, sports models. When I got there, they kind of interviewed me, took my measurements, gave me a contract etc. 

I told you that part I think.

What I didn't tell you, is that one of the bookers kind of peeked over at us and she told me that I would actually be perfect for a casting they were doing at the moment.

The client was Yves Rocher, and the casting was the next day.  

Being a slight control freak I got to the casting like 30 min early (in my defense you never know with traffic here!), so I took a coffee at a really cosy cafe nearby the studio where the casting was held. It's called Maison Plisson.  


I get to the casting and most of the girls waiting are definitely model looking girls, you know tall skinny etc. My petite muscular self kind of stuck out hehe. 

Walking out of there it felt good. And a few days later I received an email saying I was on a shortlist for the role. But there was one little problem: I wasn't going to be there for the call back! 

Fortunately my agency called and said that the director wanted to do a skype meeting with me, knowing I was in Sweden. 

So with Cyrille holding my phone, I did some acting in the middle of a restaurant for the director. Omg that must have looked so funny! 

Long story short: I got the job!!!! AND we're shooting in Barcelona!

Im so exciteeeeed! I will keep you in the loop friendos!