100% Vegan

Long time no seen my friends!  

I just had a sudden inspiration to write again. This due to me having questioned  myself and my choices for a while, as well as getting multiple questions regarding going vegan.

A quick background to this: 

Remember I became a 70% vegan a year ago?  I explain the reasons in this post: http://www.camilarivarola.com/blog/2016/9/21/changes  

Well it worked like a charm, I had the perfect balance, it was surprisingly EASY!

...and then the documentary "What the health" on Netflix happened to me, or US I should say. I had encouraged my boyfriend to watch it as well, and as soon as he did, he called me and said "its finished, I'm done eating meat".  

I was a bit hesitant being that extreme. do you want to know the reason why?

Its called ice cream. I did not trust myself keeping away from ice cream! Trust me, its not the meat or the cheese, it's the ice cream!!! (Chocolate is not a big problem, I like dark chocolate so I find plenty at the supermarket).

So I said no at first. YEeeeeS, because of Haagen dazs and Ben & Jerry's.... pathetic I know, but to me that's orgasm in box. So you understand why so reluctant right? 

Waiting impatiently for this...  #NONDIARY

Waiting impatiently for this...  #NONDIARY

Until then, my vegan chunky monkey Ice cream! Recipe on my Instagram!  

Until then, my vegan chunky monkey Ice cream! Recipe on my Instagram!  

However, eventually, after having my first ice cream after seeing the documentary, I decided to go fully vegan. The reason? It's ironic, but it was actually because of the ice cream. 

I could not stop thinking about the amounts of pus and hormones that milk contains! I was so traumatized by the documentary, I could not enjoy the ice cream fully (I enjoyed it a little to be honest, but just a little...). After that we went on vacation and the only time we had animal products was twice (in two weeks) which was when we where invited to dinner, and another time where there where ZERO options. I'm still an athlete and I was training during my vacation, so I couldn't be eating lettuce... 

So there you go. I've changed it up again.

I feel great, I make sure I eat everything I need, I haven't lost any muscle - quite the contrary, and my weight is still super stable. Only benefits.

On vacation mode

On vacation mode

Strong as an ox 

Strong as an ox 

On top of that I'm changing my egocentric attitude to veganism. I used to do it for me mostly, for MY benefit. But frankly, when you keep learning more about the intelligence of animals as well as their emotional capacity, it gets harder and harder to turn your head away as we learn to do when we're infants. 

I recommend watching this to help you gain some perspective: https://youtu.be/y9KeyKVuLHU . Animals are freakin brilliant. You cannot disagree.

Also watch the film "Okja" on Netflix. It is a brilliant kick in the nuts on the meat industry! Very well made, NOT a documentary, VERY entertaining (I cried like a baby to a couple of scenes tho. Like shaking while trying to hold it in....).


In the next post I'll talk more about food and some tricks to make you're everyday life work. I will also introduce you to a group of girls that are doing their first vegan week, very inspiring girls for those of you who are thinking of trying it out! Stay tuned!