Photography provided by Björn Borg

Born in 1989, nobody during my first 21 years could have guessed that i'd become a fighter, myself included. An ability and liking for sports? Yes sure. A short temper? Most definitely. But a fighter?
Nah, definitely not!

The ambitions and goals kinda grew along the way and now i've set out to reach a new target: The UFC...


After 4 years of competing in kickboxing, becoming a Swedish champion 2 times, I was convinced to try MMA for the first time. It began with my now head coach Cyrille Diabaté spotting me at a sparring session at the famous All stars gym where i train when i'm in Stockholm. He was convinced of my potential and insisted on me trying MMA, so I did. And I loved it!

After winning a bronze medal in the kickboxing world cup in October 2015, I decided to put it to the side and fully dedicate myself to MMA. Timing was right, i'd done a few camps with The Snake team in France, getting acquainted with the game and being motivated (and and smacked around a bit) by high level athletes.

Today I couldn't see myself doing anything else.

 This adventure is certainly life changing. My academic backround and my job have been put to the side to put a priority on my training. I'm currently working 50% as a project manager at Brilliant Mind, a very successful IT-company, as well as modeling from time to time. 

Now Modeling I actually enjoy a lot cause you get to be all pretty, especially since I spend most of my time being a sweaty mess doing manly stuff! 

I'm also very fortunate to have my sponsors on board and betting on me, making my life a little bit easier and allowing me to make my dreams possible! 


Its pretty crazy how its turning out really. As a kid i had the dream of being a veterinary, I had and still have a ridiculous adoration for dogs. Well actually animals in general. And eventhough my vet dream faded, my Instagram feed still contains ALOT of pets, the rest is shared by friends/family, fighting accounts, food and some occasional inspirational account by people whom i find interesting.

So this fighting thing was kind of a coincidence. I must admit that i’ve always been intrigued by movies or documentaries that relate the life and struggles of a fighter. How emotional it can get, how tough it is, but how it pays off when you finally get that belt around your waist. And today this is the life i've chosen. 

I’ve always been competitive, for as long as i can remember. That's natural for me, it runs in my veins and I cant help it, its like a switch. This strive to become the best at everything has been a curse as well as a blessing. The cons: You put a lot of pressure on yourself for lots and lots of completely unnecessary things. Pros: when you got your eyes on something – you get it. Regardless. 

As I started kickboxing 5 years ago my idea was to do something fun, blow off some steam, not take it too seriously. But fighting has taught me a lot, I think in a different way and i'd definitely i'ts shaped me as a person. Thanks to some great people i've had as coaches as well. People that have helped me grow: Thamer and Sami my kickboxing coaches, who gave me the love for fighting and mental toughness. They were the first ones to believe in me, and for that i'll be forever grateful. Andreas Michael, All Stars head coach who pushed me into the deep end straight away and Cyrille Diabate, ex UFC fighter and world class coach, who convinced me and helped me believe i could one day be a professional UFC fighter.  All these great people helped me believe that I could measure myself against the best fighters in the world.  

I am where I am today because of my tireding(for others) stubborness, my drive and my insatiable ambition. I know I can count on those qualities to get me where i want.23